Inflatable Volleyball Court

It's Big, it's Bouncy and it's definitely fun for all - Giant Volleyball

This is a truly enormous inflatable that lets you try out all the moves you've ever wanted without the hassle of getting a faceful of sand. Ever wanted to "spike" the ball well now, with the aid of the 2' inflatable bed, you can jump to heights you've only dreamed of

Teams of 4/5 compete against each in this competitive but fun game ensuring everyones kept busy either playing or watching the fun through the netted walls

Inflatable palm trees in the corners help create the right atmosphere

Another option with this inflatable is to use it solely as a gigantic bouncing castle - ideal when you're trying to entertain large numbers


Inflatable Volleyball Court

Inflatable Volleyball Court Inside View

Inflatable Volleyball Court  Side View



50' x 25' x 12'


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